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Teachers Packs

The new Teachers Packs Includes:
20x   30x30 Papers (5 copies of 4 different page designs)
20x   Matching Offcuts (5 copies of 4 different offcut designs)
5x    Coordinating chipboard designs

NOTE: Older teachers packs (pre 2023) have 15 pages (5 copies of 3 different page designs etc.

The teacher packs are designed to allow a teacher to purchase a couple of papers and some chipboard to easily create a double page spread rather than purchasing a full pack to teach a class or make a kit from. The idea is that each teacher pack has 5 kits inside - 1 for the teacher to use and then  4 classes kits. All Packs are sets of 5 - we will not break down packs.  If you need 20 for a class, then you order 4 sets of five etc.  We have done five as we know there are small groups teaching classes, and we want to be as helpful as possible. 

Because these are bulk packs and not for retail - these are packaged all together into one resealable ziplock bag with a sticker on the front displaying its a teachers pack. There is no separate bags inside as we assume they will be separated out anyway for kits or classes.  There are no instructions, examples or images of any projects with these packs. They are not retail packs so we have not designed anything with these - they were created to make it more cost effective for store tutors to purchase and create from. 

When ordering note packs are in multiples of 5 kits:
1 Teacher pack = 5 kits
2 Teacher Packs = 10 kits
3 Teacher Packs = 15 kits
4 Teacher Packs = 20 Kits etc
...up to however many packs you need e.g 100,150
We can do any amount in multiples of 5.